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Driving Lesson

Driving Lessons ​

Learning how to drive is an important step towards independence and it comes with much responsibility. Tiffany has a strong on-the-road program based on the principles of safety and knowledge. Our instructors follow a comprehensive driving lesson curriculum adjusting each lesson based on the individual needs. Students at different skill levels are equally welcome to sign up. Our instructors have experience working with beginners, students with disabilities or experienced drivers who just need some tips to do well on their road test.

How to Book Driving Lessons 

  • Click on "Lesson Prices and Registration" and select how many driving lessons you would like to book.

  • When you purchase your lesson package, you will receive a Welcome Email with a purchase code. In the email, click on "Schedule".

  • You will de directed to a scheduling system, Start by completing your student application. Students must file an online application before booking any lessons with us. If you have already completed the 5hr class or completed the application for prior lessons, you do not need to complete another one. 

  • Also on the scheduling system, you choose the location where you want to meet the instructor and the duration of the lesson. Lessons can be 45-min long or students may book a double lesson with a duration of 90 minutes. 

  • We recommend that students space out their driving lessons to give themselves time to practice the skills learned. In between lessons, you should practice for at least 4 hours outside of the school before your next lesson.

  • Experience students can choose if they want to divide their programs in 45-min or 90-min lessons. We recommend that students with little or no driving experience book 45-min lessons to ease them into driving.

  • RESCHEDULING a driving lesson is done through the original e-mail confirmation for the lesson. Find the email confirmation and click on “Change/Cancel Appointment” to choose a new date/time or cancel the lesson. You will not be able to change a lesson within 24-hours from the lesson time (48-hours for Monday lessons).

Driving Lesson Requirements 

         ***Due to COVID19, masks are required for all students, instructors, and office staff***


  • Students must have a valid permit or a driver’s license.

Student Pick-up & Drop-off

***Due to COVID19, all driving lessons currently start at our driving schools to check students’ temperature and fully clean the vehicles in between students. All lessons booked online will meet at the school. If you need to be picked-up for a lesson due to an extraordinary circumstance, please call our offices to plan. Pick-up fees may apply.*** 


  • 45-min lessons start and end at the driving school

  • 90-min lessons can be scheduled with a different pick-up/drop-off location based on availability.

  • We pick up students at high schools if booked at dismissal time. The instructor will meet the student at the parent pick-up location.

  • When booking a lesson where the student meets outside the driving school, please confirm with our office schedule availability.

Meeting Your Driving Instructor

If you have a driving hour and the office is closed, please wait with a parent for the instructor to return at your scheduled time. If the instructor is late beyond the scheduled time, please call the school. Lessons may be booked outside office hours and instructors are booked on back-to-back lessons and will return for your appointment. If you leave, you will be charged a no-show fee. If the instructor is late, you will receive credit for the time you missed on the day of the lesson if the calendar allows or in a future lesson.

Driving Lesson Curriculum

Lesson 01: Residential Driving: Pre-drive/entry check, vehicle controls, hand positions, reverse
Lesson 02: Residential Driving: Basic driving skills, distance mgmt, visual lead, checking behind, turning maneuvers
Lesson 03: Residential & County Roads: Lane changes, intersections, right of way, speed control
Lesson 04: City Driving: Turning around, reverse parking (left/right), forward parking
Lesson 05: City Driving: Parking (reverse, forward, parallel), three-point turn
Lesson 06: Highway Driving: Highway (if student is ready), heavy traffic
Lesson 07: Review: Focus on student’s areas of difficulty
Lesson 08: DMV Road Test Preparation


Please discuss with your instructor in the beginning of your lessons if you have any specific skill you would like to focus on. The curriculum is adjusted based on the student's skill level. The school will communicate with families when students are unable to attain the skills taught during the lesson.

Student No-Show

If a student driver cannot make it to a driving lesson, arrives 15+min late, do not have a valid permit/license, a no-show fee is accessed to cover instructor’s time. Please cancel your lesson if you are feeling unwell and need medical attention or have COVID19 symptoms. For a no-show fee waiver based on medical reasons, please send a doctor’s note to

Weather Conditions

Tiffany Driving School follow DMV and BOE recommendations to cancel driving lessons due to weather conditions. We typically do not cancel lessons based on rain or if it snows lightly.

Instructor Unavailability 

If an instructor becomes unavailable due to medial or personal issues, we will seek to find a substitute instructor. In rare cases where that is not possible, the school will contact students to inform and reschedule.

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